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• 2018-09-19 •

Massai Ibn Marenga home to Germany

Wonderful Massai Ibn Marenga has left us after 2 years leasing period. 
Thanks to DARIUS ARABIANS for the trust in this special stallion! 

• 2018-08-20 •

Swedish Nationals

* Sahara Indirah- Classwinner and Silver Champion Filly
* GM Marwan Al Shakira- Classwiner, Gold Champion Mare and Highest Score of the show with 92,17 points!

Both presented by Joakim Ohlsson 

• 2018-08-20 •

Scandinavian Open B show

Sahara Indirah was Classwinner and  SILVER CHAMPION FILLY <3
Presented by Joakim Ohlsson

• 2018-07-24 •

Two shows- Two Champions

Classwinner, Higest Score of the show and GOLD Champion Filly at Bohus Cup 

Classwinner and RESERVE Champion Filly at Scandinavian Open B show

• 2018-04-06 •

Mayana RIP <3

Our beloved BJ Thee Mustafa daughter MAYANA passed away 5 April 2018.
We will never forget you and your daughter Mayah Magnifique will stay with us in the studafram to countine your legacy. 

• 2018-03-16 •

New semen and breeding section

Because our ladies are worth it... 

• 2017-12-25 •

MM will be back in Europe for 2018 season!


We are happy to announce the cooperation with 
TEAM FRANK SPÖNLE were Magic Magnifique will be avaliable for the 2018 season! 

Thanks for the trust in Magic Magnifique!

For breeding inqueries, please contact 
Sabine at 

• 2017-12-12 •

Maximus sold to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Huge congratulations to H.R.H Princess Jameela Al Saud of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is the new proud owner of this special boy and thank you for your trust in our horses. 

• 2017-11-07 •

Succesful horses from Sweden Arabian Stud

Many of the horses bred by Sweden Arabian Stud have been titeled Champions this year! We are very proud and happy about them! 

ALEXA MAGNIFIQUE- Multi Champion Filly
MAGIC ALGAZAL- Gold Champion Colt Foal
BLA SALVADOR- Great scores in the  European Championship Verona and Top 5 

Congratulations to their new proud owners in UK, UAE, Kurdistan, Italy, Malta! 

• 2017-08-01 •

Judging in Sicely Italy

Had a geat time judging "Arabianstars in the night" ECAHO C- show Sicely, Italy.
Thanks to the amazing team of lady judgerpanel and the great team around the show! 

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